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Yoga is a practice that is constantly evolving, and for teachers training is a lifelong practice. Continuing to learn is crucial to your success as a teacher, which is why Sterling is happy to offer classes and workshops for yoga teachers, body workers, and anyone interested in developing thier yoga practice.

According to Yoga Alliance® the purpose is to ensure that all RYTs continue to refine their teaching skills and educational process.

Classes listed here count for CEC.

Registration Information for Sterling Yoga's 2020 CEC:


Secrets of the Sacroiliac - Held at The Pilates Center of Pittsburgh

Sunday, MaY 31st

1:00 - 4:00 P.M.


In our American lifestyle, we sit for long periods of time. This can take its toll on the SI joint and lower back. Today we will learn the importance of poses you need for a tight/stuck SI joint, or a loose one. This is essential for a healthy SI joint.

During this course, we will review anatomy of the lower back, glutes, legs, pelvis, and of course the sacroiliac joint. Statistics show that 85% of Americans will experience back pain at some point of their life, so understanding the SI joint can be life changing for these pains. We will learn the difference between a tight and stuck SI joint as opposed to a loose SI joint. Learning the proper poses for each issue is key in relieving pain. We should always be teaching the person instead of the pose, this is essential for the SI joint.

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