Events in Crystalline Cave

Salted Nidra with Frank

Experience a unique meditation with the added benefits of salt therapy. Frank will guide you through a Yoga Nidra practice, helping to restore the body similarly to that of deep sleep; bringing you into a restorative healing state that helps to release tension and leave you with a greater sense of peace and well being.

CLICK HERE to Book for February 5th - $35


Experience physical and mental peace by relaxing deeply into supported restorative yoga postures. Students are guided into a variety of tranquil and restorative yoga poses; melting into a sense of relaxation, helping you sleep longer, digest better, and recharge more fully. You will leave feeling refreshed.

Join Sterling for PARTNER SALTED RESTORATIVE on Valentine's Day - $60/Couple or $35/Person

Breathe Easy Salted Meditation with Kelly

Join Kelly the 3rd Saturday of each month at for a guided meditation in Crystalline Cave. Each meditation is meant to help you breathe a sigh of relief and let go of the stress from your week. Every month there will be a new topic to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Send your worries packing, enjoy resting and breathing in the salty air, and feel your worries melt away.

Book for January 18th

Book for February 15th


Relax in the Salt Cave with Laura! We will move through a few restorative poses, while enjoying all of the benefits of the Himalayan Salt Cave. Come prepared to “leave your grocery list” of things to do at the door, as we practice presence and mindfulness together

CLICK HERE to Book for February 1st - $25

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