9th Annual Spirit Fair

Sunday, June 23rd ~ 1:00 - 6:00 PM
Available Services

Salted 20M Cave Sessions

Free - 1-2PM; 3-4PM; 4:30-6PM

Crystalline Cave is our active salt room. MORE INFO HERE

Sauna Sessions with PGH Photon Studio - $20 per 20 Min

Infrared Sauna with color and light therapy!

Myofascial Release with Shannon

$30 for 25 Minutes

Myofascial Release is a gentle healing massage, that creates space within the body for healing to occur naturally.

Aura Photography with AuraPhoto.us - $30 per Session

Have you ever been interested in having your Aura Photo taken? Come find out what your Aura reveals about you as you come Experience Your Beautiful Aura! Aura Photo offers you an opportunity to experience the extraordinary! Science, meets Art, meets Technology, all created within your Energy Fields.

Reiki & Oracle Readings with Kelly - $30 for 20 Min

Enjoy a 10 minute Reiki Session and 10 minute intuitive reading with Kelly. Kelly will help to balance your Chakra system and will follow up with an intuitive reading utilizing Oracle cards and Crystals.  

Inner Eye Readings with Shay Port - $20 for 15 Min

Through looking into your eyes, Shay is able to see with amazing accuracy, longstanding psychological and emotional blocks and conflicts, detailed personality traits, other family members and your relationships with them, as well as your strengths, weaknesses and health issues. Shay is also able to see close friends or relatives who have passed away and can pass on any messages they may have for you.

Salted Nidra Meditation-$10

2 PM, 2:30 PM, & 4 PM

Frank will guide you through a yoga Nidra practice, helping to restore the body similarly to that of deep sleep.

Reiki & Amethyst Biomat with Tracy - $15 per 15 Min

A full body energy healing session working from the head to toe.

Massage/Reiki/Reflexology with Mike - $30 for 25 Min

Request your choice of bodywork from Mike.

Ancestor Reunion with PGH Medium Rev. Rivera - $80 for 30 min

This reading will include contact from departed loved one/s (around here we call your Loved Ones LOLOS). This type of reading can include specifics on your loved one’s manner of passing, personal demeanor, appearance, name(s)/initials of either the spirit or those the spirit refers to in the living, occupation and situational references. This reading will include a message from the departed loved one. Each session seeks to provide hopeful alternatives and useful insights to enrich your life. As full description of and message from YOUR Loved One/s (LOLOS). Ask specific questions to your Loved One/s (LOLOS), get specific answers, have a conversation with your Loved Ones (LOLOS), using Rev. Rivera as your mediator.

Rune Consultation with Simone - $25 for 20 Min

Runes are secret symbols representing different forces of energy found in nature and humans alike. This energy is active in your life, in the present, from the past and from the subconscious mind to the higher conscious mind. The ancient Rune symbols have been found all over the World dating back 5000 BC and where used extensively by the Vikings. Thousands of Rune Stones can still be found all over Scandinavia telling tall tales of past life’s. Let the secret language of the magical, mystical Runes speak to You.

Salud Juicery & Wellness Bar Southpointe

Purchase juice and fresh acai bowls!

Reiki & Intuitive Guidance with Dennis - $15 per 15 Min

Dennis' intuitive and emphatic abilities allow him to connect with each person, cleansing and elevating their energy to promote physical and emotional well-being

Henna with Joanna Abel - Price Varies  Depending on Size

Beautiful hand drawn temporary tattoos.

Sacred Journey Readings with Chris Marie - $40 for 30 Min

In her healing sessions, Chris will use the hand drum and rattle as guided by Spirit.  She may also provide messages and information as guided by her Spirit Guides and/or messages from loved ones should they come through during a session.

Tarot with Rebecca Bloom - $30 for 15M; $50 for 25M; or $90 for 60M

Readings serve to connect you with your higher self which allows for creativity, inspiration and fulfillment encouraging your divinity to flow forth into the world. Readings also serve to connect you with your higher self which allows for creativity, inspiration and fulfillment encouraging your divinity to flow forth into the world. Tarot can work with any situation you have from an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical perspective; and readings are deep with a focus on growth, healing and awareness.

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