Sterling Painton

Owner, Yoga Instructor

In 2002, Sterling Painton opened Sterling Yoga and Wellness Center, LLC.  Her mission is to create a yoga community that nourishes the growth of our body, mind, and spirit with a strong focus on therapeutics, alignment, and not taking life too seriously.


In 2001, Sterling received her 200 hour Teacher Training with the Himalayan Institute of Honesdale, PA and currently holds her 500 hour Teacher Training with Cora Wen's Yoga Bloom Certification Program.

Sterling has completed several intensives and week-long teacher trainings with teacher Manouso Manos, along with having studied and assisted Judith Hason Lasater and Cora Wen throughout the years.  Over the past several years, Sterling has completed a Therapeutics Program with Manouso Manos, the first Advanced Teacher Training Program, a Certified Relax & Renew and Certified Experiential Yoga Anatomy teacher with Judith Hanson Lasater.  Currently, she is studying under Doug Keller and various teachers that have an anatomy and alignment disciplines.  


​In addition to being an E-RYT (experienced registered yoga teacher), Sterling is also a YACEP, which makes her a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

For several decades, Sterling has been an advocate of older adult fitness teaching senior chair yoga and group exercise with a specialty in people who are dealing with Parkinson Disease since 2003. Sterling's classes reflect her knowledge of alignment and anatomy mixed with some laughter.  Sterling has worked many years with her own hyper-mobility, and many of her clients with hyper-mobility and understands the need for a balance of strength.


I'm passionate about the environment.  I believe we could all work a little harder to help Mother Earth - to help ourselves.

Frank Williams

Owner, Yoga instructor

Frank began teaching at Sterling Yoga in 2001.  He continues expanding his knowledge attending workshops focusing on various styles of yoga presented by Cora Wen, Bekir Algan, and Doug Keller.  His classes focus on flexibility, strength and alignment within the framework of the individual student.  Deeply introspective and philosophical, Frank feels many students use their mind in a restrictive manner.  He brings a unique mind/body connection and helps students achieve a deeper awareness. 

Frank is an IFPA Masters Pro Bodybuilder.  As a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, he brings a unique aspect of mental focus and strength to his classes.  Frank has been a personal trainer since 1995, advising clients about diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to accomplish their goals.  Adding yoga to his regime in 2005 shows that yoga is truly beneficial to an athlete or weekend warrior. 

In my classes you can expect to learn anatomy, physiology, muscle awareness and the best dad jokes this side of the Mississippi.


Nicole Druga

Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

Nicole Druga is a RYT 200 instructor with Yoga Alliance.  She began her practice at Sterling Yoga and Wellness Center in 2005, trained  under the direction of Sterling Painton, for many years, and received her 200 RYT Yoga Bloom Certification with Cora Wen and has been certified as a Relax and Renew Yoga Instructor by Judith Hanson Lasater. 


Nicole  teaches beginning, gentle and restorative yoga classes throughout the week. Her teaching style is gentle, relaxing, intuitive and fun; paying particular attention to alignment to ensure that that her students achieve the greatest potential in their practice. Her deepening love of yoga is helping her to understand this quote to the fullest ~ “Do not rush through life, pause and enjoy it.” – Chinese Fortune Cookie


Nicole has also been a Reiki Master since  2014, having received all of her Reiki Attunements from Rev. Linda Martin, Certified Reiki Master Teacher.  She uses the Usui/Hayashi Reiki System during her healing sessions. She provides Reiki treatments and yoga classes at Sterling Yoga and Wellness Center.

If I was asked to teach a room of strangers something in 5 minutes I would teach them Triangle (Trikonasana) pose because it is the strongest shape and builds confidence within oneself. The benefits range from lengthening and stretching the structural body (legs, hips, shoulders, spine, chest and the surrounding muscles), massaging our internal organs, relieving stress and anxiety and improving our balance and stability. All of which allows us to become strong, confident and healthy beings.

Nicole Druga, Reiki Master
Available evenings and weekends
To schedule an appointment: Call (724) 747 - 2251

Erin Rosenberg

Studio Manager & Bellydance Teacher

As the studio manager, Erin is responsible for assisting our studio in everything from student and client management, scheduling classes and workshops, and community partnerships. As a member of the Sterling Yoga team, Erin can happily be reached for any questions, such as those about student packages, or those about holding workshops at the studio or studio rental.

Erin can also be found teaching or planning different events as one half of Sterling Yoga Bellydance. Erin has been studying bellydance since 2006, and is currently working towards her Hot Pot ITS Level 1 & 2 teaching certification after heading to Sacramento to study with creator Amy Sigil. Erin has also completed the Phase One of Jill Parker's Alchemy: The Science, Craft, & Sorcery of Bellydance Program, and holds Belladonna’s Bohemian Blade Certification in Apprentice, with plans to complete levels 2 & 3, Technician & Warrior, in summer 2020. Erin & Leah, along with their students and friends, perform as Hayat Alraqs Dance Collective, representing different styles of the dance form.

Leah & Erin of Sterling Yoga Bellydance strive to produce quality events for the Greater Pittsburgh Area. In addition to hosting international instructors such as Sahra Saeeda for the first segment of her Journey through Egypt program, they’ve hosted both Chudney Raks & Michelle Sorensen for a weekend of boutique workshops and gala show, and sponsored professional photographers Stereo Vision Photography for a marathon photo-shoot weekend. Annually they host roughly 3 shows; details can be found HERE.

Additionally, Erin performs with Liz Hays as Golden Gun Fusion Bellydance, and with Joanna Abel & 3rd Street Bellydance. Joanna also leads Swords & Silks, the premier bellydance troupe for The Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival which is composed of 3rd Street Bellydance, Maria Hamer's Evil Eye, and friends. With Joanna, Erin has also helped to host events that tour multiple states, including The Enchanted Creature Ball which is set to tour Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Syracuse in Spring 2020.

For 2020 I am striving to submit my work and show proficiency in the dance certifications I am currently working on; and focus on carving out a practice that helps me to become more self-relying.

To contact Erin directly:
Call or text (412) 592 - 1414 or email

Brynn Daniels

Yoga Instructor

Brynn found yoga as a teenager in 2007, attending her first class at the JCC in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. It is there she was connected with Sterling Painton, who has been her teacher since. Brynn came to yoga seeking to manage her depression, and it has also been instrumental in helping to manage her back pain as well as deepening her spirituality.

Brynn practices and teaches yoga that is driven by the style and teachings of B.K.S Iyengar. As someone with scoliosis and hyper-mobility syndrome, the precise alignments and therapeutic approach of Iyengar yoga have been essential to her physical and emotional well-being. Brynn specializes in teaching those with back-related issues, and continues to receive training to work with students with scoliosis.

Brynn continues to study with Senior Iyengar teachers Rita Manos-Lewis and Elise Browning-Miller. In 2018, she completed a 200-hour Mindful Yoga teacher training with Joni Sturgill of Healthy Body Peaceful Soul.

If I was asked to teach a room of strangers something in 5 minutes I would teach them the importance of keeping your feet and your psoas muscles both strong and flexible!


Follow Brynn on Instagram HERE or check out her website HERE!

Sarah Hall

Yoga Instructor

Sarah loves sharing her joy of yoga and its transformational power with her students. Since discovering yoga in 2009, she has been on a path of curious exploration and intriguing discoveries. While instantly drawn to the therapeutic alignment of Iyengar yoga, she pulls inspiration for her classes from various styles weaving breath work, meditation, humor, and space into the physical practice. She received her 200-hour training at Schoolhouse Yoga and completed a specialized prenatal training with Amala School of Prenatal Yoga in Chicago.

Sarah believes that students shouldn’t have to fit the yoga, yoga should fit the student, and thus her goal for each class is to create space for students to cultivate and realize their own strengths and intentions, and to feel more united with the wisest parts of themselves. 

When not practicing I'm most often biking, renovating, traveling, experimenting with new vegan recipes, or salsa dancing.

Kristen Morgan

Yoga Instructor

“Sterling Doga” is a dog-friendly yoga class that was fondly named after the yoga studio that inspired Kristen’s yoga practice. Naturally, her at-home practice changed upon bringing two puppies home, but by including them she feels that they are, in a sense, healing each other through doggy massage, hands-on healing techniques, using essential oils, flower essences, and more. She says, “Having Zuzu & Rufus on the mat with me amplifies the positive qualities of yoga while also allowing me to spend quality time with them that we all look forward to each day.” Kristen and Zuzu share information on a range of holistic topics in their monthly newsletter, "Inhales, Exhales, & Puppy Dog Tails." They are also huge proponents of dog conditioning as a tool to prevent injuries and maintain health as dogs age.
Kristen can be seen at the studio taking classes, co-teaching workshops on the nervous system with Sterling, teaching classes on ways to incorporate essential oils into a healthy lifestyle, and most recently a series of classes to inspire others to create handmade watercolor cards. She has had the opportunity to study with Judith Hanson Lasater, Cora Wen, and Manouso Manos. Her husband, Justin, installed a rope wall in their spare bedroom for her to further her at-home practice.
Kristen is a Special Education Teacher of preschoolers with special needs, and she is the Chair for the Pittsburgh Walk & Roll for GBS|CIDP. In her free time, Kristen also enjoys Broadway musicals, long hikes (especially ones with waterfalls) with her husband and the dogs, reading books, game nights, and spending time with friends and family! Her favorite color is purple and her favorite cookie is chocolate chip.

In 2020 I am striving to continue to reduce our plastic use, achieve a 5 minute headstand and a brief daily morning yoga practice before work, and devote a little bit of time each day to reading for pleasure.

abbey o'brien

Hula Hoop Instructor

Abbey's fascination with the hoop began in 2007 as a college student in Vermont.  During a weekend trip, she saw a woman in Montreal dressed in a colorful outfit effortlessly moving a hula hoop up and down her body, and she was instantly in love.  Abbey promptly went to the local Walmart to buy her first hoop, watched every tutorial YouTube had to offer, and is now proudly 100% self-taught.  As one of the few who embraced the art at her school, she received  a lot of stares and strange looks.  While hoop dancing gained momentum, men and women all over the world found themselves in the hoop!  Before hooping, she was forever clumsy and uncoordinated, but that changed as hooping became her gateway into self-care and self-love.  She gratefully owes her newfound grace in movement and dance to her hula hoop.

Thanks to Abbey's skill and passion, she's been afforded several amazing opportunities to perform on stage and with live musicians at events such as Pyrotopia,the Dormont Street Festival, the Dark Star Jubilee Festival, and the All Scene Festival.

When not practicing I make nut butter, practice yoga, explore with my dog, and see tons of live music.

Siobhan Sickels

Yoga Instructor

Siobhan started her yoga journey with hot vinyasa, before discovering, Buti Yoga, a yoga hybrid method that combines asana with primal movement and dance.  After being certified in Buti Yoga in 2015, Siobhan taught this method for 2 years, before deepening her practice with a 200 hour yoga teacher program completed in Toledo Ohio with some of her most respected yoga teachers, Katya Seymour and Crystal Palermo. Siobhan received an advanced certification in this practice in 2018. In early 2019, Siobhan was certified in 11:11 the practice a yoga practice created by Tara Winterhalter of Fall Rover, Mass; that is composed of 11 primary poses, 11 sun salutations, 4 cardio spurts and 7 chakra clearing movements all in a palindrome format. This class appeals to yogis both novice or advanced, athletes, dancers; or anyone wanting to move to hip hop, r&b and trap music while maximizing the benefits of HIIT movements, flexibility, strength and breath work. Outside of yoga, Siobhan is a supervisor and mental health therapist working with children and adults with autism and other special needs. She also has her own online health and wellness business where she coaches others through a clean eating program, teaching others sustainable changes that fit in with any type of lifestyle. Siobhan advocates the use of safe and cleaner personal care products to promote health from the inside out.


In her class you can expect sweat, community and all the jokes, all while feeling the burn.

Laura Jackson

Yoga Instructor

Laura received her 200 Hour Certification from South Hills Power Yoga in August 2014, from lead E-RYT teachers Stacey Vespaziani & Darcy Lyle. This training also included Friday Night Master classes with: Jennifer Lee, L.A. Finfinger & Candace Lain-Fabus.


Since then, she has become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200 Hours with Yoga Alliance. Most recently, Laura participated in a 12 YACEP Hour Yin Yoga Immersion/Teacher Training with Richard Gartner of Frameworks Yoga, at BYS Yoga Collective.

Miss Jackson recently completed a Yoga for Chronic Pain training with Sadie Grossman, C-IAYT, MS Yoga Therapy, E-RYT 500 and Lisa Papenbrock, D.C. at One Point One Yoga in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Laura is also now an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, thanks to participating in a training with Amber Karnes, RYT 500 at Yoga U PGH. Jackson is currently finishing up a Restorative Yoga teacher training with Gracie Jurkowski of Das Atemhaus.


A true student of yoga, Miss Jackson has had the opportunity to study Ashtanga yoga with Kim MacGregor & Tim Miller here in Pittsburgh. Last year, Laura was lucky enough to attend Kino MacGregor’s week-long Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga Retreat at the Miami Life Center in South Beach, Miami.

If I was asked to teach a room of strangers something in 5 minutes I would teach them how to be a food blogger. (Check out Laura's Food Blog HERE!)

Photo Courtesy of Levana Melamed Photography


Yoga Teacher

Beth Chiurco has been practicing yoga for over 4 years. She began her “Yoga” journey by developing a personal practice of basic asanas and meditation. As her well-being improved she deepened her practice. Beth has completed a 200 hour Mindful Yoga Teacher training with Joni Sturgill of Healthy Body Peaceful  Soul. She enjoys guiding other through a mindful practice that takes the student away from their daily worries and helps them channel their energy into their own body. The teaching experience has been very rewarding for Beth. She has had the opportunity to learn and guide others to grow also.

In Beth's class you can expect you can expect to stretch and strengthen the body through gentle yoga poses while feeling at ease and bringing awareness into your own body.

Leah Nightingale

Bellydance Instructor

Leah Nightingale is a fusion dance artist that has been active in the Pittsburgh bellydance community for over a decade. Originally becoming interested when a friend encouraged her to take up bellydance as a fun activity, bellydance reignited the spark and passion she had for dance. Leah began dancing as a toddler; her studies mostly in ballet and Polynesian, which continued into her early teen life.


Able to study under multiple teachers throughout the Tri-State area, she has also had the opportunity to has attend workshops taught by world renowned dances. These opportunities have given Leah the ability to dance with many troupes over the years. Continuing to deepen her dance education, Leah has since completed Katayoun's Raqs Mosaique™ Teacher Training Program, and holds Belladonna’s Bohemian Blade Certification in Apprentice, with plans to complete levels 2 & 3, Technician & Warrior, in summer 2020.


Fueling her love of art, as well as her degree in Fine Arts, Leah has always felt a pull towards music, believing that music creates a vibrant energy that dance compliments by helping to emote and bring physicality to the notes. Continuing her connection with music, Leah is the house dancer for the band King Fez and can be seen performing with them throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area.

Leah & Erin of Sterling Yoga Bellydance strive to produce quality events for the Greater Pittsburgh Area. In addition to hosting international instructors such as Sahra Saeeda for the first segment of her Journey through Egypt program, they’ve hosted both Chudney Raks & Michelle Sorensen for a weekend of boutique workshops and gala show, and sponsored professional photographers Stereo Vision Photography for a marathon photo-shoot weekend. Annually they host roughly 3 shows; performing with their students and friends as Hayat Alraqs Dance Collective, representing different styles of the dance form. Details on upcoming events can be found HERE

When not practicing I'm cuddling my nephews #boyaunt, or my 2 lovey cats.


Carlos rivas

Licensed Massage Therapist

Carlos is a graduate of the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. He specializes in trigger point deep tissue therapy while having the gentle touch to deliver a relaxing and soothing Swedish massage. He has extensive training in sports, orthopedic, myofascial, and neuromuscular massage. He also provides prenatal, heated bamboo massage, and aromatherapy massage. He is currently working on certifications for personal training, craniosacral therapy, and lymphatic therapy.   


Carlos’ health and wellness journey began in 2013 when he was first introduced to aromatherapy. Having overcome many health and wellness obstacles, Carlos is passionate about facilitating a massage that helps his clients achieve their sports, pain management, and relaxation goals.


The most interesting thing about me that isn't in my bio is that my first job was working for a magic and entertainment company. We juggled, rode unicycles, and dressed up in costumes like you see at Disney World.  

Carlos Rivas, LMT
To schedule an appointment: Call or Text (954) 662-2029

Lauri McClain

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lauri McClain is a 2007 graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage Therapy. She customizes her massage using different modalities to loosen tight muscles, relax the mind and rejuvenate the body. Lauri is currently working on certifications for Ashiatsu, Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Cupping.

I'm passionate about cooking! I love to try new dishes and learn how to make them at home  

Lauri McClain, LMT
To schedule an appointment: Call or Text (443) 525-6170


Weylin Gomez

Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Personal Trainor

Weylin Gomez holds both a license in Personal Training and Massage Therapy. Growing up he trained as a martial artist for 10 years, which set the foundation for a lifelong love of movement and exercise. He went on to pursue amateur bodybuilding in high-school and professional dance in college. In 2016 Weylin suffered a serious injury to his back while performing with the internationally recognized dance company "Diavolo". This Injury set in motion a 2 year long recovery process that eventually lead to the founding of Aequilibris in 2019.

"When I was injured it felt like I would never recover. I thought that I would just have to live with being in pain for the rest of my life. During my recovery I was very fortunate to meet and work with some amazing therapists. I'm not sure I would have been able to make a full recovery had it not been for all of the caring, knowledgeable, and skilled individuals I worked with. These encounters set me on the path of wanting to "pay it forward". My greatest hope is to be able to be a part of my client's journey of healing, and to help empower them to heal themselves through the understanding of the human body." 

I'm passionate about movement and education in respect to the body. My greatest moments are watching someone have an "aha" moment, when a new movement pattern clicks. Seeing the look on their face of pure empowerment is why I do what I do.

Weylin Gomez,  LMT & CPT
To schedule an appointment: Email Weylin

Mike Nester

Licensed Massage Therapist (LMt), Reiki Master, Reflexologist

Mike Nester is a licensed massage therapist and body worker, certified reflexology, energy worker, and naturopathicaly trained health professional.  Michael enjoys working in an informed and personable way with his clients to communicate and understand their individual muscular anatomy and bring balance to their own yoga practice and daily life. Michael earned his diploma in massage therapy from DCI in Monaca, PA in 2014. Michael is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Having received his first attunement in 2011,  Michael is a Master Reiki Practitioner and instructor of the Usui System of natural healing, and is a gifted energy worker. Michael continues a tradition of alternative healing that has been passed down from the generations of his family. He brings a deep earth-spirit connection into his energy work and strives in every session to best meet his client's desired outcomes.

Michael utilizes the Ingram method of reflexology, and has worked with hundreds of individuals to better understand and improve their own biology through reflexologic therapy.  Michael completed a 5 month mentoring study of reflexology in 2012, under the personal tutelage of two naturopathic physicians in Pittsburgh, PA.

He has worked with the clients and students Sterling Yoga and Wellness since 2012. Mike is available most days and evenings and alternating Saturdays and Sundays by appointment. He is also for in-home consultations and services. 

The most interesting thing about me that isn't in my bio is that I have a degrees in both philosophy and culinary arts.

Mike Nestor - LMT, Reflexologist, & Reiki Master

Available weekdays, evenings, and weekends

To schedule an appointment: Call (412) 620-8851


Shannon Thompson

Licensed Massage Therapist

Shannon has 10 years of experience utilizing massage in a physical therapy setting. Shannon offers massage therapy specializing in JFB Myofascial Release.  This technique is effective for relieving pain and deep tissue restrictions.  It is effective in improving freedom of movement and can allow for deepening of your experience of yoga.  Shannon also offers lymph drainage massage services.

The most interesting thing about me that isn't in my bio is that I love birds, and bird watching is my favorite hobby.

Shannon Thompson,  LMT & CLT
To schedule an appointment: Call (412) 200 - 0967


Lily Fineman

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lily has been an occupational therapist assistant since 1998, and a massage therapist since 2008. Lily has studied the John F. Barnes approach of Myofascial Release Massage since 2004, and is considered an Advanced Myofascial Therapist, with 10 seminars/certifications under her belt.

Lily Fineman - LMT
To schedule an appointment: Call (304) 266-2418



tracy campbell

reiki master

Tracy is a  Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui Method of Natural Healing, a Kundalini Reiki Practitioner and a Crystal Healing Practitioner.

Since everything is made of energy, her focus is to keep your energy  STRONG and FREE FLOWING. Unbalanced energy cannot flow easily and therefore could result in illness and/or discomfort. To achieve optimal energy balance, Tracy  will use a pendulum to check the 7 main points in your body that regulate energy flow (chakras) and will balance them as necessary. Her sessions also combine Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Crystal Healing and aromatherapy  to assist with clearing energy blockages and to enhance the natural healing and balancing process. Her treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each client to make sure they receive the approach that works best for them.

Tracy is available for private or group Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions, workshops/lectures, and she also teaches all three levels of the Usui Reiki System. 

The most interesting thing about me that isn't in my bio is that I have 2 other jobs. Clinical Research Coordinator at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital and I work at the ScareHouse.

Tracy Campbell, Reiki Master/Teacher
Available weekdays, evenings, and weekends
To schedule an appointment: 
Call (412) 605 - 4120

Christina Camp

reiki Master

Christina is a Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Intuitive Energy Healer.  A typical session may include a combination of different energy healing modalities, crystals, grids, and sound healing. 


She will meditate the morning of a session in order receive guidance; as well as, scan the energy body at the time of the session, to specifically tailor the session to meet the needs of the client.  Her goal is to facilitate the release of what is no longer of service and to help restore balance, energetic alignment, and the overall well-being of the client. 


If you feel drawn or called to experience any of these modalities, please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.

If I was asked to teach a room of strangers something in 5 minutes I would teach them to close their eyes, take several breaths, and release everything that doesn’t belong to them and/or serve a purpose for their greater good.


Ida Ivehag

reiki Master

Ida has been a Reiki Practitioner since April 2016 and uses the USUI Reiki method. She received her Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III attunaments from Reiki Master Nicole Druga. It is Ida's hope to support her clients in their own unique journey with this natural self-healing modality by assisting in balancing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being to promote a deep sense of relaxation.

I'm passionate and incredibly curious about the connection between our mind and body and our body's incredible ability to heal itself - given time and actively being given right conditions.

Ida Ivehag, Reiki Master
To schedule an appointment: 
Call (412) 709 - 0810


Kelly Halaja

Reiki Practitioner & Owner of Pittsburgh Photon Studio

Kelly is an Intuitive Empath, Spirit Channel, Reiki Practitioner, Integrated Bodywork facilitator and Soul Navigator. Kelly has studied with many Healers, Teachers, Mediums, & Soul Mentors where she has spent the last 10 years dedicated to her own growth and awareness. Kelly is the owner/operator of Pittsburgh Photon Studio where she assists others in their understanding of the importance of taking care of our Mind, Body & Spirit. Kelly is also passionate about helping our community and their caregivers at end of life.  Kelly is a certified End Of Life Doula that specializes in Elder Care and Caregiver assistance during our final farewell.  Kelly is available for Sauna Sessions, Reiki Sessions, Doula Work, Intuitive Soul Navigation sessions along with Mediumship.

I'm passionate about self Love and assisting others to achieve it.  

Kelly Halaja, Pittsburgh Photon Studio

To schedule an appointment: Call (724) 263 - 6502

(412) 260-0533

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