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Reiki attunement with usui reiki master tracy campbell

Learn how to unlock your body’s optimum capabilities with the Japanese hands-on healing technique of Reiki. The ability to activate this natural healing process is not  just taught in the classroom but it’s transferred from teacher to student. Tracy Campbell, Reiki Master-Teacher, currently offers both Reiki 1 & 2 Attunements.

Attunement sessions are available in small groups, or privately.

If you have questions about scheduling a attunement session, please EMAIL TRACY.



In reiki level 1 training, you will be initiated into the healing practice of the Usui Reiki system.  You will be attuned and learn how to use reiki energy to heal yourself and to practice on others. The course will cover the history of reiki, principles and lifestyle, and techniques to channel energy for yourself. The training opens up your channels for reiki to flow through you. It is known as a connection to Divine Source at a deeper level. Once the connection is made through the attunement, it is available to you for the rest of your life.

What You’ll Learn: Usui Reiki for self healing; Develop intuition for self-healing; Receive attunement.

Materials Included: Chakra chart; Meditation instructions; Handouts for course; Reiki practitioner certificate.

Topics in this training include: Introduction to reiki; History of reiki; Reiki principles; Chakra System; Attunement; Reiki self-healing techniques; Group practice.

Reiki Attunement: During the attunement, life force energy in the form of higher consciousness attunes the students chakras and energetic field in order to create the vessel for which reiki will channel through the student. When the student receives an attunement, their energy field expands allowing them to tap into a deeper spiritual awareness within themselves.

Reiki self healing will continue to occur after the attunement.


If you are Reiki 1 attuned, and have been for a minimum of 21 days, and would like to take the next exciting step in Reiki healing, join Reiki Master, Tracy Campbell, for Reiki level II training and attunement. 


You’ll learn the first three sacred reiki symbols, emotional healing, distance healing (treating  those not physically in the room), healing on a more global level, how to cleanse your living space with Reiki and be attuned to level II which is a higher frequency of energy.


Requirement:  Usui Reiki level 1 attunement  


Materials you’ll receive: Reiki Level II manual; Reiki Level II certificate 



Inquire about pricing and availability with Tracy.

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