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Jennifer Carroll of Ace of Earth, LLC is a master in both Kundalini and Usui Reiki, and channelling the energy of Gaia (Mother Nature) in chakra healing and balancing. She identifies energetic imbalances and strengths from significant present and past life events to balance chakra energy and intuitively explore a client’s strengths, gifts, blockages and triggers.  She can assist in eliminating deep energetic barriers that can lead to stress, exhaustion and even chronic health issues and recommend ways to magnify energetic strengths and maintain energy balance.  

She offers individual and soul couple reiki sessions using the above techniques, as well as intuitive tarot card readings.


To schedule an appointment: Call (412) 352.8858

Available Add-Ons: Make your session salted - $35 per 60 minutes; $45 per 90 minutes

Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a channeled, energetic relaxation technique that works to restore the body, mind and emotional spirit. It is a practice that uses intentional, healing energy to balance primary energetic centers and to nourish the life force that feeds our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Imbalances in these centers can affect our psychological and even physical health.


During the session Jennifer will identify present/past life energy blockages and use a combination of Kundalini and Usui Reiki to clear them for optimal energetic flow and overall health.


Sessions include a post-session intuitive review to identify any past or early life connections and associated patterns, and suggestions on ways to work towards balance and self-fulfillment to avoid negative emotional or physical outcomes in the future.

90-Minute Session - $100
An hour of reiki followed by intuitive session

Floating Hearts


Do you feel a strong magnetic or energetic connection with someone special in your life? When you first met them, was it more like a “recognition” than a first meeting?


Many strong connections, romantic or otherwise, are thought to originate from deep ties we have with another soul in parallel frequencies (or past lives).


To see why you and another may feel a strong bond, Jennifer will conduct the couple session with both participants in the reiki room at the same time.  She will scan for past life energies individually, then scan for any energy ties that the couple may have in common from current or a past life experience.  She will then do a balance and healing on both participants’ chakra systems using Usui and Kundalini reiki. The session is 90 minutes and includes an hour reiki session with a 30 minute intuitive consultation.


90-Minute Session - $175
*An hour of reiki followed by intuitive session


Information on organized Forest Bathing and guided woodland walks in local state parks can be found on the ACE OF EARTH website.


Learn how to receive and appreciate powerful and proven natural healing from Mother Nature by being guided on a simple, meditative, conscious walk in the woods.


Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

See what the cards say - and let Jennifer use nature-balanced energy and intuition (and help from angels and guides) to pull intuitive tarot card messages.  See how she uses multiple decks and  other intuitive tools to channel guided energy and relay only messages that are for the highest good of the client. 


60-Minute Session - $75

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