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Lenny Santoro

Professional Drummer/Composer & Reiki Practitioner

About Lenny

Lenny Santoro has been involved in the Music business as a professional Drummer/Composer for over 45 years. He got his start on drum set performing in local night clubs while still in his teens and attending high school. He furthered his education attending the University of Pittsburgh's Music School - studying music composition and theory and classical percussion. He then continued to study privately in New York with Master Drum Instructors: Saul Goodman, Jim Chapin, and Stanley Spector. It was with Stanley Spector that he explored the very unique way in which rhythm could affect the body physically in a most positive way for both the performer and listener creating what is termed - "The relaxation response". Lenny also took the physical aspect of drumming further  by studying the science of Kineseology with  Local Pittsburgh instructor-Tom La Flame.

​Lenny has used is extensive training and performing experience in many diverse arena's. He has backed many performers on a national level from country singers Mel Tillis, and Johnny Paycheck, to R&B group The Tramps, to off broadway shows and USO Tours overseas. He also backed many name Doo Wop, and R & B acts that came in to Pittsburgh, as well as worked the local recording scene.

Lenny is now focusing his attention on a new genre and modality - The RAV Drum. The RAV is a relatively new and unique instrument of the Hand Pan family. The unique tones of this drum have been found to be very conducive to the Relaxation Response. The RAV has very unique qualities not often found in other instruments of it's kind, and due to it's vibrational qualities, entrains this on a very deep level.

In 2016, Lenny became involved as a Reiki Practitioner and has been trained and certified at Reiki Level II, by his reiki master Nicole Druga. He has now combined all of his previous experience, and training in a collaboration with Nicole Druga, to a new modality - Reiki and Sound Fusion! This combination has proved, to provide a vibrational experience that moves deeply in to the body, that may promote healing and relaxation even on a cellular level!

The RAV has also shown to work well in conjunction with Restorative Yoga, Lenny has been performing RAV Drums now on a regular basis at Sterling Yoga, and "I hope to share this with as many people as possible".


Treat yourself or a loved one to a relaxing journey deep into your senses with a Reiki and Sound Combo Fusion treatment


Lenny and Nicole will help you release and allow your physical body to meet your cellular body by using a combination of Reiki, Live Rav Drum Music and the Amethyst Biomat. 

This treatment will benefit anyone special in your life whom you want to honor, who never takes the time for themselves, who needs a chance to rest, relax and restore from the daily, yet beautiful, struggles of life! And, this includes YOU!

​One hour session - $150​

Reiki energy treatment: which is like a massage for your Soul,  A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the body in a pattern and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated.  Applying Reiki accelerates and strengthens the healing process (physical/mental/emotional),

Live Rav Drum Music: enhance the Reiki experience by including a journey in sound vibrations, that penetrates deep in to your body for relaxation and healing, as specific vibrations will be tailored to the needs of each chakra in the body,

Amethyst Biomat: which Reduces Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Improves Circulation and Cardiovascular Function, and many other wonderful things to make your body happy and healthy, 

Aromatherapy (optional): benefits include reducing anxiety, ease of depression, helps sleeping patterns,  strengthen the immune system.

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