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Shannon Thompson

Shannon has 10 years of experience utilizing massage in a physical therapy setting. Shannon offers massage therapy specializing in JFB Myofascial Release.  This technique is effective for relieving pain and deep tissue restrictions.  It is effective in improving freedom of movement and can allow for deepening of your experience of yoga.  Shannon also offers lymph drainage massage services.

The most interesting thing about me that isn't in my bio is that I love birds, and bird watching is my favorite hobby.

To schedule an appointment: Call (412) 200 - 0967


Initial Intake & Sixty (60) minute session – $100

Sixty (60) minute session – $75; **Sixty (60) minute Make it SALTED - $110

Initial Intake & Ninety (90) minute session – $125

Ninety (90) minute session – $100**Ninety (90) minute Make it SALTED - $145


Myofascial Release Therapy is a highly specialized fascial stretching technique intended for myofascial pain syndrome. It will relieve tension, pain and discomfort, relax contracted muscles and improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Myofascial Release is a gentle healing massage that creates space within the body for healing to occur naturally. Techniques involve using sustained light pressure to melt the layers of fascia that envelope and penetrate muscles and organs.



A Swedish Massage is a hands-on therapeutic approach to relax and release tension from overworked and tired muscles. If you are someone who has not had a massage or does not get them often, this is a great massage!​


Manual lymph drainage is a type of massage that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back towards the heart.

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