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For way too many years, I was hurting way too much! Arthritis, my constant unwelcome friend, was really robbing me of a fun filled, pain free life. I had a total hip replacement twenty years ago, and then a revision (also big surgery) ten years later. That was fine, but the rest of me still hurt!  My precious daughter-in-law came to me right before my eightieth birthday with this statement. " I am just so sad to watch you in pain with each step, and with every sit down and rise up from a chair. I have for you two private lessons with Sterling. Take these and just see if maybe yoga can help." That was the beginning of my new, pain free, happy, productive life!

It is now two years later. Yep! I'm approaching eighty-two, and I truly feel better today than I have for twenty-something years! I have been doing the "magic stretches", (my words), religiously, and I cannot tell  you how wonderful this "new me" feels! I admit that the private lessons are often painful, but I have never, from privates or regular classes, felt any pain after the lesson! I sometimes feel tired, but no pain!

I am always amazed at how knowledgeable Sterling is! She constantly educates herself with classes and instructors that allow her to help her public.  She always can explain where a specific pain or concern comes from. I highly recommend this type of yoga for  anyone!  You do have to make it a commitment and make it a high priority in your life, but I am an endorsement to the real and wonderful advantage of feeling good, strong, and pain free!  Try it, you'll like it!

Sally Lebowitz

Sterling Yoga sets the bar!  I've been to a number of yoga studios, but I was never more comfortable or able to challenge myself than when at Sterling's.  I had the pleasure to work with her, take her classes, and experience several of the different holistic services offered for four years, and after moving away, I find that no one can compare.  All of the teachers are kind and knowledgeable, and I grew as a person thanks to their positive support.  I'm able to take what I've learned to my home practice and beyond.  As long as I know people in Pittsburgh, I'm sending them to Sterling Yoga for all their holistic needs.


PS - Thank you, Sterling, for always yelling at me to fix my posture.  It's still a work in progress, but at least I'm not locking my knees anymore!

Brigitte Bryne

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This new location is even better than the other one! I *loved* the Level 1 class today that focused on getting our bodies ready for back bends. So many studios just kinda jump into it, but this feels amazing and SAFE. I've been known to go very hard before, and I've injured myself with one's fault, I just push myself. It feels amazing to have a place to go where trained instructors are looking out for safety and whole body readiness before moving on to the next position/asana. Thanks also for giving me a quick tour of the new studio. It looks wonderful...very welcoming. This is where I need to be to start moving again. Thank you!!!


Five months ago I began my journey by walking through the doors of Sterling Yoga studio, now much like a second home and family to me- always warming, welcoming and yet pushing me to my limits as I watch them constantly progress. My journey has not been easy- at times I have felt defeated and lost, but what has kept me going has been the positive changes that I have experienced in this studio and with the guidance of each instructor whom all have their own uniqueness and touch. All-in-all I'd say if you are reading this and haven't made that impulse decision to just do it- Today should be the day that you push yourself to just do. 

Justin K

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I have practiced different styles of yoga; and have found that the Iyengar-influenced style that is taught at Sterling Yoga to be the best.  Sterling and her teachers understand my body and my injuries (I practiced with Sterling while in an air cast for a broken foot).  One of the things that I like the most about Sterling's studio is that it provides a warm welcome to students of all ages, body-types and challenges.  My practice has grown since studying with Sterling.  I have made peace with my aging body and honor what it can do for me.  I am stronger.  I focus on achieving alignment in every day.  I live my yoga, instead of attending a yoga class.  I expect to learn something new every time I enter Sterling's studio, and I do.  I always leave class or a private session with Sterling with more balance of my body, mind and spirit.  I encourage you to join us. 

Kitty W

Sterling and Frank have an excellent facility, are both positive, and make the exercises/postures fun and have had a strong influence in my on-going recovery from a spinal cord injury.

Tom Pandolfo

I have been studying with Sterling Painton at Sterling Yoga & Wellness Center since I started my yoga practice. I am so glad that I started practicing the Iyengar method and learning the benefits of therapeutic and restorative yoga during my college years. 

As an individual with an autoimmune disease that attacks my nervous system I am well aware of the impact that stress - good and bad - can have on my body. For me, stress can result in tingling fingers, weakness in my extremities, and the worst case, a relapse. Through my yoga practice, I have learned that if I am stressed or frazzled I can go and take a walk, put my legs on the wall, or set myself up in a restorative pose with lots of sandbags to ground me. 

Sterling understands the importance of having a healthy nervous system and this is evident in their classes. Last year, Sterling and I created a brand new workshop titled, "Support Your Nervous System for a Healthy Life." In this workshop, we work together to share our knowledge about the nervous system and holistic practices that are part of my daily routine.

Thank you to Sterling and the staff at Sterling Yoga for helping me grow not only as a yoga student but as a strong individual that wants to make an impact in the local community!!  

Kristen Morgan

I have been a student of Sterling for about 10 years. She has helped me to change my practice and my life. I walk differently, sleep differently and sit differently. I also find time throughout the day to utilize her tips of knowledge to make my body stronger, whether holding up my arms for 2 minutes in the bathroom or holding a block in my legs while drying my hair. Sterling makes me want to be a better me!

Amanda Budai

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