Sterling Yoga & Wellness Center offers a wide variety of classes and workshops for all skill levels.  We're located in Scott Township on Vanadium Road near the intersection of Bower Hill.  You can walk in and take a class, schedule your wellness session, and move towards improving your practice.

Let's Practice our Yoga

What to say? Talk about practicing your yoga, the real meaning, being present - nothing else, just present. So what have you been doing with this much needed pause?  One silver lining to all of this, I have finally been forced to get on-line.  Thanks to the constant support, encouragement and some badgering of my students, I seriously, could - would never do this.  And of course, it definitely wouldn't have happened without Erin, our Studio Manager, so a big huge Thank You to her...well, maybe it would have happened but now I'm not crying and Frank hasn't lost any hair over it.


We hope to see you all soon.  We miss you SO much!  Keep relaxing, resting and staying healthy until we meet again.  


Online Classes Through Closure
Find our class schedule HERE. Classes will be added as weekly; on Monday we will add classes to the following week. Please CLICK ON the class you wish to sign-up for, and fill out the registration form.

HOW TO PAY: At the top of the page, you can select the CLICK HERE link that is in the first paragraph, change the quantity to the amount of classes you are registering for to pay. For those of you with packages who wish to use those instead - please email Erin to confirm.

HOW TO JOIN: Download ZOOM for the device you plan to use. Punchpass sends automated emails that include the Meeting ID so that you can join.

ABOUT THE MEETING: Our teachers are joining in as the class name (such as Floor Stretch with Frank), and Erin as the meeting host, and joining roughly 10 minutes before class starts. Keeping Erin as the meeting host allows her to see if anyone is asking questions in chat, as well as mute any participants who forget to mute themselves once class starts.

Live Updates on Closures & Event Cancellations

While the length of our closure changes with every new update to both Pennsylvania's and Allegheny County's response to COVID-19 and the guidelines put forth by the CDC, we are looking forward to hopefully being back with you all soon. As of right now, the most recent updates can be found on our Facebook page. I know some of you may not have social media, but for us this is the easiest way to communicate swiftly, as compared to editing the website. Currently at the top of our website, you can find a link to our Facebook page, which you can still view without an account. As always, you are welcome to reach out to us via email or phone to ask about updates as well.

Currently, we are slated to be closed through April, and plan to reopen in May. As stated above, this could change at any moment and be extended.

**A word from Erin to students with Monthly and Yearly packages. I believe I have edited packages to be extended for those of you who have chose to not use them for online classes. Please reach out if Punch Pass sends you an email about the package expiring soon and I'll go in and fix it. You can either reply to the email, as I'll see it in the company emails, or email me directly at the email below.

Joining our Team

Christina Camp - Reiki Master: "My goal is to facilitate the release of what is no longer of service and to help restore balance, energetic alignment, and overall well-being of the client."

New YouTube Channel

Don't miss out on some short videos such as breakdowns of different yoga poses or meditations, as well as some free classes. All of these can be found on our new YouTube channel, so make sure to subscribe HERE!

Love Us? Let us know?

We want to hear about how the studio or a practitioner helped you experience a change for the better!  Let us add your input to our TESTIMONIALS page to our website. Please email Erin, our Studio Manager!

studio information

Please look to May for featured events.

Featured Events

This Month

Sterling's Focus for April - Inner Thighs: Adductors 

What a crazy month March was so let's just pick up where we left off and work those Adductors.  We will use poses like Triangle and Half Moon to create length and stability on the inner leg.  We will then work with a seated sequence that will keep lengthen in the inner thighs will creating mobility for the hips.  Hopefully, un-sticking the winter hibernation to move into our fun spring and summer activities of movement.

Our Mission

Sterling Yoga is for EVERY BODY!  Sterling Yoga studios follow the style of Iyengar yoga while also striving to help students attain the following goals:

  • Educate students about their health, bodies, and how they work

  • Heal and invigorate the bodies that we have right now

  • Prevent future injuries and imbalances through focused monthly themes on common issues we all deal with  in modern life

  • Inspire everyone to become their best and happiest selves through a mindful yoga practice that is both challenging and appropriate for all people at all levels of skill and ability


In addition to yoga, we also offer Reiki, massage, and exclusive workshops. Our holistic therapists are experienced, caring, and ready to work with you. 


Join us in one of our classes or workshops, or book an appointment with one of our holistic therapists today!

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393 Vanadium Road Suite 201 & 202
Pittsburgh, PA 15243
Located inside The Davis Professional Building

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